Hearing Aids

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Finding the best hearing aid provider and hearing aids to fit your budget can be daunting. The Hearing Connection in Saint Joseph is here help, we provide hearing aids in many different styles and technology levels including basic, mid-level, & premium. Dave Neumann is a compassionate hearing aid provider who will help you choose the best hearing solution for you depending on your needs, hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

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How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

At the Hearing Connection in Saint Joseph, we understand that everyone likes to get a deal. We want to pay as little as possible to get as much quality as possible. On the other hand, sometimes you really do get just what you pay for. How much you pay for your hearing device could make a difference. There are low-tech models available online and through some major retail outlets that are sold for a lower price. These “cheap hearing aids” may or may not fit well but will really only amplify sounds to aid hearing. They won’t be able to provide you with the hearing clarity, trim design or range of features you’ll find with more expensive devices.

So, how much do hearing aids cost? A price survey published in 2014 found that buyers could expect to pay upwards of $4,000 for mid-range devices. The survey reported a downward trend in prices in recent years even among higher-end devices. Still, for most Americans, a quality hearing aid will represent a significant investment.

After asking how much do hearing aids cost? The next question becomes why do they cost so much? The answer lies in technology. Today’s hearing aids rely on digital technology. Thanks to microchips modern hearing aids can do more than ever before. Hearing aids can:

Turn up conversation while, at the same time, turning down distracting background noises. Keep a geo-location record of comfortable hearing aid settings. Your device knows what makes for comfortable hearing in different repeated environments
Connect to telephone, television or smartphone with wireless streamed directly to your hearing device Work with your smartphone so that you can make desired adjustments through the phone

Micro-technology also means that a quality hearing aid is smaller than ever before. Mid-to-upper priced devices can be practically invisible. A visit to a hearing specialist will assure you a custom fit along with just the right amount of functionality.

Learning how to harness the amazing power of technology to service health needs requires extensive research. That is largely what drives up the cost of hearing aids. However, going back to the bargain illustration – perhaps rather than ask only how much do hearing aids cost, you need to consider how much is hearing loss costing you?

You could be losing quite a lot. Losing the joy of conversation and interaction. Losing the ability to perform well at work – especially if phones are involved. Losing the daily pleasures of hearing children laugh, birds sing and music croon. A trusted hearing professional understands that cost can be a concern when considering the purchase of a hearing aid.

Dave, being board certified by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences, is skilled at performing diagnostic examinations that are thorough, precise and accurate. This allows him to determine the level of technology that best fits your lifestyle, budget, and hearing loss. He is a hearing aid provider that will help you choose the best hearing aids to optimize your ability to hear and to reconnect the those around you.

Hearing Connection Services

At the Hearing Connection, we specialize in hearing aids, diagnostic testing and other assistive devices to suit all types of hearing levels and lifestyles. We service most major brands of hearing aids like ReSound, Oticon, Phonak, Unitron, and Starkey.

We discuss features such as Bluetooth and other wireless connectivity devices to enhance your listening experiences in a wide variety of situations. For your convenience, we offer a full line-up of assistive listening devices, batteries and other hearing accessories such as a remote microphone, remote control, phone clip, and TV streamer.

We service and repair your hearing instruments in our office, often on a day’s notice. If your hearing device ultimately needs to be sent out for repair, we will be glad to expedite that service for you.

We teach you how to care for your hearing devices at the time of your initial fitting, but you are welcome to visit us anytime for a complete and thorough cleaning of your hearing instruments for the life of the product. Exceptional follow-up care gives you ongoing, personalized customer service.

Comprehensive Evaluation

We are skilled at fitting and programming hearing aids based on the results of your hearing tests. Our goal is to make sure you hear with maximum clarity…even in the most difficult listening situation.

After your comprehensive evaluation, we take time to discuss the results with you, answer any questions and discuss next steps. If you do not need a hearing instrument, we will let you know. Should you require medical attention, we will make an appropriate referral. If a hearing instrument would improve your quality of life, we will recommend and offer appropriate choices that fit your individual lifestyle, budget and cosmetic concerns.

Other Hearing Solutions

  1. Caption Call–a free close caption phone for hearing impaired
  2. HyperSound–directional speakers that allow other family members to watch tv with the hearing impaired individual without causing discomfort for themselves.
  3. ProEar–an all natural oil with plant-based moisturizers for itchy, dry or irritated ears caused by hearing aid use; can be used by anyone to keep optimum ear health.
  4. Audiologist’s Choice–earwax removal kit.
  5. Ear Gear–a neoprene sleeve to prevent hearing aid damage due to sweat, moisture or dirt.
  6. AudioWipes–disposable cleaning cloths for hearing instruments
  7. Custom earmolds for musicians, swimmers, and factory environments.  We also offer hunter’s and manufacturer workers’ noise reduction plugs and basic foam plugs for everyday use.
  8. Vibrating alarm clocks.
  9. TV ears.
  10. Hearing aid dryers.