ESCO Insurance

(extended warranty coverage for hearing aids)

You can get an immediate price quote for your patient by visiting us at: No User Name or Password is needed here. For a patient wanting more information on ESCO- please send them to our consumer site: They can sign up for coverage on the website or they can call & talk with anyone on our Customer Service Team at: 800-992-3726.

ReSound has special relationship ESCO. Resound L&D replacement aid, if that particular patient qualifies for this program. If the patient is still under Resound repair warranty at the time of loss, they would qualify. These patients will get a substantial discount on an ESCO policy. Prices are $129, $149 or $189 Please Dave Neumann know if you have any questions.

Why ESCO is the Right Choice?

  • You need it? We have it! – ESCO has comprehensive coverage options that suit all life styles, for all types and models of hearing aids.
  • Affordable prices – ESCO’s premiums are the lowest in the industry and we offer flexible payment plans that are convenient for you.
  • Fast and easy claims processing – ESCO’s turn around time on processing most claims is one business day. We will have you up and going about your life quickly!

You are family! – ESCO’s has unsurpassed customer service. We listen and help in which ever way we can, like we would our own family!